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Room Memphis - 85$

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The golden city of the kings. The capital of Old kingdom. The city of life. Everyone who are buried in Saqqara tombs were living here. All of the shiny temples are still buried under the earth. But what we had discovered is 134 sphinxes which were guarding avenue to the temple. As the final guards at the door there were two giant statues of Ramses II. One still lying in the Memphis museum and you can admire his greatness in size and detail. The other one is now waiting you in front of the great museum in Giza. Beside him you will find a statue of god Bes, the god of happiness, fun and laughter. Outdoor lioness-headed goddess Sekhhmet is waiting for you. When she is angry she is blowing hot breath which is resulting as hot wind called habub, always coming from the Memphis side on the 13th of every month.