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Room Abu Simbel - 95$

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Abu Simbel


In the middle of the desert, 20km northern of Sudan border, on the coast of Nasser lake Ramses II. chiseled in the rock his two magnificent temples for him and his wife. They were hidden under a mountain of sand for millenniums and even if the stories about the miraculous temples were told Belzoni dig them out no earlier than in 20th century. Four colossus on the entrance makes you feel small. Only their noses are 1m high. Because of creation of Nasser lake 18 temples by the river had to be cut to pieces and moved further in the land. The lake is the biggest accumulation lake on the world. It’s 500km long and almost half of it lays in Sudan but everywhere it is filled with crocodile. Surrounded by desert full of natural pyramids the road by the lake can deceive the eyes with cunning mirages. Although that there is not much traffic you can meet some camel caravan passing from Sudan.