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At the boarder of oriental Arabia and real Africa there is hedonistic city called Aswan where Tito and Nasser got the idea to built the biggest dam in the world. The nature is still untouched and the great river Nile is still clean enough to swim in it, because all of the crocodiles remained behind the dam. The river there is full of islands which rocks looks like elephants and sailing with feluccas between them is quite an adventure. This is the place where in Old Cataract hotel Agatha Christie wrote the novel Death on the Nile. This is a place where on one of the islands Lord Kitchener planted his botanical garden. This is the place where on the West shore of the river Aga Khan built his mausoleum. This is the place where you can get scrambled in real African souk. Aswan is also the hearth of Nubian culture, the tribe admired by their cleverness and pride.