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The sun rises on the East and sets on the West. This isn why Ancient Egyptians were building their temples on the right side and their tombs on the left side of the great river Nile. A place to live in this life and a place to rest in post mortal life. King Sneferu decided to build the first smoth-sided pyramid but royal architects, experienced  in building step-sided objects, miscalculated the angles. By the time they noticed the mistake the pyramid was already half way build so they changed the angle for the upper part. The great king wasn’t satisfied with his Bent pyramid so he insisted on building a better one. Made of red limestone the Red pyramid is believed to be the resting place of King Sneferu. Learning from his failures and successes his descendants built the great pyramids of Giza. Altogether there are four pyramids in Dahshur but located 30km from here it is not flooded by mass of tourists. The tourists who are visiting Dahshur can hang out with friendly locals and experience their lifestyle in peaceful environment.