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Ancient Thebes. The capital of upper Egypt. The great Karnak temple still reflects the power of ancient priests who walked on still admirable 3km long avenue guarded by countless sphinx. But on the other side of the great river Nile ancient kings and queens were buried. Valley of the kings and valley of the queens full of royal tombs with paintings and sarcophagus waiting to be admired or yet to be discovered. Maybe you can still hear the gongs of ships crossing the Red sea on the paintings in queen Hatshepsut. Ancient Egyptians lived for the post mortal life so they were saving money for their mummifying. Thebes were the center of mummifying and that’s why in Luxor is now a museum of mummification. Here the great river Nile makes a big turn therefore the green belt of nature is wider and at sunrises this stunning panorama can be overflown by a flying balloon.