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Reach the southernmost point of Egypt in Abu Simbel. Experience  the heat of the desert of ancient land Kush where the temperatures are over 50°C and the natural pyramids are in the water at noon time when you see stunning mirages. Enjoy Aswan, the diamond of the great river Nile where the water is a virgin of dark blue colour. Jump in it after Nubian sauna and feel the wind in your hair while sailing with felucca between giant rocks. Take a stroll through botanical garden and make tatto from henna in Nubian village. Step on the high dam and be a guest in the temple of love on Isis island. In the evening visit typical African souk and do some shopping.
Discover the secrets of ancient Egyptian priests in crocodile temple Kom Ombo and listen to wisdom of the great story of god Horus in Edfu temple and enjoy wild drive with carriages through town.
Most of everything you will love the cruise. Comfortable floating hotel with kind personal still serving tea at 5pm from English era. Seat in the swimming pool with a cold karkade and admire the life around the river of life when the boat slowly floats with the stream. Cross the lock in Esna when the merchants attack our cruise  with their small boats.
Luxor. Ancient Thebes. Home of the kings where everybody were at the top of the world. Feel the greatness of Karnak temple walking among thousands of pillars and lakes holding the name of the biggest ancient Egyptian god Amon-Ra. Watch the sunrise from the balloon above the Nile and hidden wallies of the West bank Discover the tombs of the greatest kings and find out royal life of queen Hatshepsut in her burial temple. Listen to the secrets of Memnon colossus and get your own magical statue from alabaster workshops. It will be special memory walking down the avenue of sphinx in the night time. 


Day 1:

– Abu Simbel by car (optional)
– high dam
– unfinished obelisk
– Aswan souk
– Full board on the cruise


Day 2:

– Philae temple
– Kitchener island with felucca
– West bank and Nubian village (optional)
– Kom Ombo
– Full board on the cruise


Day 3:

Edfu temple
– Luxor temple
– Full board on the cruise


Day 4

– Balloon flight (optional)
– Karnak temple
– Valley of the Kings
– Hatshepsut temple
– Memnon colossus


Tour includes:
– 3 full boards on the cruise
– all transportation
– guiding according to the program
– entrance fees
– organization of the tour

Price per person for double room 4* cruise: 550,00$
Price per person for double room 5* cruise: 860,00$


Price does not include:
– beverages
– tips
– optional Abu Simbel by car: 200$ (min. 2 pearsons)
– optional Nubian village: 60$
– balloon flight: 170$


* Price for 1 person for 4*: 880.00$
* Price for 1 person for 5*: 1380.00$